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What we do:


Weekly Programs:

Bhajans and Satsangh sessions are conducted every Thursday and Sunday where by children attending the event are participating by chanting and singing the devotional names and mantras. Food is then offered as Prasad and it concludes with Aarti and distribution of Prasad. This entire session lasts for 2 hours. Following the Bhajan Sessions the food is distributed among all those present and is also distributed to the Sadhu’s and those in need around the Hill. This work has specifically being named as Prem Annadanam which means food that is served with love. Prem Annadanam – Article and Facebook Link Significance of Feeding at Arunachala Free Food Feeding: The Sadhu’s community and the needy people are provided free food twice weekly around 150 - 200 packets are distributed twice weekly every Sunday and Thursday.

Children’s Program:

Our attempt is to help the local children in any way that they can feel supported and encouraged and inspired to continue with their education. The local children go through many difficult situations due conflicting family situations and lack of proper care sometimes for food, clothes or funds for education. These situations result in some of them dropping out and adopting ill mannered companionship that leads them astray into a troublesome future. Our efforts here are to secure them in whatever way possible so they can continue upon a righteous path that helps them to live more fruitfully. To inspire them we conduct events for arts, crafts, painting, flower decorations, nature walks, field trips, computer education, and narration of stories that can help them to understand a value based life and help change their outlook towards it.

Yearly Programs:

Every year we have an event of Devotional singing that lasts for 24 hours known as ‘Akhand Bhajan’. Several participants from world over arrive for this event. Chanting and singing goes uninterrupted for 24 hours until the morning of the next day. For more info please visit www.akhandbhjan.in

Charity Work:

Charity work includes sponsoring

  1. Fresh supply of Books, stationary, accessories, clothes, food and fees for education for children.
  2. Fresh supply of Clothes, utensils and medicines for the poor and needy.
  3. Fresh supply of Blankets, clothes, food and medicines for the Sadhu’s community living around the Hill