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About Us:


Our work started way back in 2006 in a diminutive phase and gradually picked up momentum over a decade. Preliminary efforts were to help bring about some encouraging changes in minor ways for the deprived ones, which resulted in different programs being initiated for the underprivileged children and needy communities.

Today, we are providing help in whatever way possible to support the welfare and education of these children and providing some food for them and the underprivileged ones. Our effort is to maximize this help towards the children and the needy communities. Our practice is to do this by means of traditional value based approach.

Chanting and singing of Devotional names, mantras and offering of food as Prasad helps to inculcate a humbler attitude and outlook resulting in a subdued quiet mind that helps to keep the Grace and poise within.

Thereby it's working more effectively in a natural manner that helps with the understanding and integration of the being as a whole. A wholesomeness of being that brings a natural state of happiness and joy.