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Who are the Siddhas?

In the Tamil language the root word for siddha, is ' chit', meaning 'consciousness'. The person abiding as consciousness is called as 'Chittar'. Later they came to be called as 'Siddhas' based on the root word 'Siddhi'. In ancient South India these saints or divine people had super natural powers that were 8 in number viz., Anima, Karima, Llagima, Praapthi, Prakannmiyam, Vasithuvam and Easathuvam. They were known followers of the Shiva Cult. Even though there may have been thousands of Siddhas in this lineage, 18 Siddhas are considered the main founders of this mystic cult housing all dimensions. There does seem to be a controversy on who formed the group of these 18 Moola Varga Siddhas. It is probable that originally they were only 18 in number and whoever followed their philosophy and wrote book on their line of thinking were also called as Siddhars.

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Siddhas are the Tamils?

Siddhas are beyond any race and place. There are numerous evidences of them residing in Tamil Nadu of ancient South India. Moreover, all the mystical songs encoded and recorded by them are in the ancient Tamil language.

Geographical conditions of the Deccan Plateau stand evidence of human life having originated in South India. The two ways of knowing history are archaeological findings and ancient literature. Foreign sources also do help us understand the prehistoric period. Paleolithic and Neolithic period instruments are found in abundance in South India, that too in the present day state of Chennai. As it is, excavations and findings of the Indus Valley civilization recently renamed as the Harappan civilization spreads not only in the Indus region but beyond which also helps us realize the antiquity of the Dravidians. Worshiping the masculine God and feminine Goddess i.e., the Shiva-Uma cult is of the Dravidians and not the Aryans who were of Brahma cult.

Siddha medicine is said to have originated from Lord Shiva who revealed it to Goddess Uma, the immediate follower of the Shiva cult who later imparted the sacred verses to Nandidevar and so on.

But there is also evidence pointing to the fact that all the Siddhas are not from Tamil Nadu or even India. Siddha Kaalanginathar is known to have been from china; Siddha Roma Rishi from Rome; Siddha Poonaikannar from Egypt. Some Siddhas even have been known to visit other countries to spread their teachings, in the ancient times. These sorts of information's have been clearly mentioned in Siddhas sacred verses.

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How are the teachings of the Siddhas still relevant in today's world?

Not only are the teachings of the Siddhas relevant but they also seem to be the beacon of hope and guidance for our 21st century to face and survive through our encounter with the growing pressures of modern-urban chaotic life and its consequences.

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How could one encounter a Siddha Master in today's times?

Genuine Masters of any authentic spiritual path are reluctant to expose themselves nowadays. And Masters of Siddha systems are no exception to this fact. However it is possible to encounter these Divine Masters by dedicating oneself in his quest for in the Siddha path, a one on one relationship is mandatory.

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What is initiation into the Siddha system?

In the Siddha system, initiation is not a mere introduction into a practice. Instead, it is the Master sharing the taste that he enjoys or nourishes every moment to his disciple. Initiation has many facets according to the dimensions of the Siddha system. Siddhas are experts in the sciences of Alchemy, Medicine, Yoga, Tantra and Astrology and to top it all, the science of Elixir. So much so that they even made animated pills of mercury for longevity. The process of amalgamation was first defined only in the Siddha tradition. Therefore, initiation can be passed on only after a trustful or dedicated relationship with the Master has been established - a bond which has dimensions of love and a mystical nature. 'A tiger can lick only another tiger', goes the ancient Tamil maxim. This suits the Siddhas too.

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Is the Siddha system a solution for the problems of the world today? 

Siddha system is equipped to best offer alternative ways that suit modern day problems. We have shared some of this information in our website.

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Why do the Siddhas not reveal themselves so easily?

Basically, the Siddha system is not a philosophical school, but is a school of Mystics. It is a path of energy and power. It is like playing with sword, if we are not attuned to it, it may harm. If the Siddhas do come forward to the people all of us would approach them in a materialistic way, with an acquiring tendency to gain power. Or we would have an attitude of spiritual materialism. They hide themselves because there is already a strong conditioning about them and their ability for Siddhis. But, even if we do see a Siddha, walking along the roadside, we would never recognise him for he would make himself extremely unapproachable by behaving like a dirty, mad or eccentric person. Our very first approach to Him would shatter our conditioning… His only message being to shed more… and more… and more of the acquired.

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What qualification does a student needs to be initiated into the Siddha path?

One qualifies, as a Siddha practitioner primarily on his ability to risk everything that he has so far acquired and allow it to disintegrate, beside this, this path demands from its most earnest followers an unconventional openness surpassing all comprehension of the ordinary mind. Initiation into the Siddha path is nothing less that entering into a dedicated one on one relationship… with the Divine. Any aspiring sadhaka needs to ensue his intimate bond with himself willingly immersed in complete love and devotion.

Apart from that, a person needs to be of rebellious nature towards social conditioning and open to the shattering of his personal reality. The path of the Siddha is a non-cerebral way; our itchy mind is the barrier to this path. As another view, it is the way of a visionary journey They won't give a map to. Instead, the Masters simply push you in the deep end of the river and watch how you comeback and with what and how you returned to the bank of the river. Yes, the path definitely demands an un-prejudiced mind. On the whole, the Siddhas mock the word 'security'. They find it to be merely another concept for cheating our mind. The only mantra ever chanted in the path is 'standing in wilderness, seated in the wilderness and sleeping in the wilderness'. To put your life at stake to find it's true authenticity and its inherent meaning.

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Can the Siddha System flourish through an institution? OR Can the Siddha System turn into an establishment?

If an elephant is made into a pet, it is no more an elephant. At the most, we can spread knowingness about the Siddhas through an Institution, but becoming a Siddha is not identifying with any 'ism', or 'institution', for it is a primitive oral tradition and that is its beauty. We can beautify the arts founded by the Siddhas, such as medicine, astrology…etc by way of an institution, but we can beautify a Siddha by following Him as a wanderer or by living His folk-spirit!

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What is Alchemy of the Siddhas?

Alchemy is the art of uncovering the Tamasic (inertia) nature encrusting and hiding the real mutative nature of spirit in all living and non-living beings. When applied to inorganic substances it gets its name of External Alchemy. And while blending the 'sense' and 'essence' in human beings, the Siddhas call it, Inner Alchemy. Following of Inner Alchemy with the aid of external alchemical procedures is called 'Aha-Pura Kalpam', Exo-Endo-Alchemy.

The Alchemy system of the Siddhas is unique and all their teachings have been written in a cryptic or twilight language. An individual surely needs to depend upon a competent teacher to de-code the true meaning for making external gold as well as finding one's inner gold in spiritual alchemy.

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Why is the knowledge of the Siddha system kept in an elusive manner? 

Of course it is hundred percent elusive. This is the way it can be guarded from the un-initiated and the not so genuine followers of the path. The real teachings of the Siddhas have been retained under the Oral Lineage so that it survives in its original potential without getting corrupt by any conceptualization, wrong-interpretations or the misuse of power that unleashes from the teachings.

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What are the authentic factors that prove the nature of the Siddha system as an indigenous system?

If we compare the Siddha system with other systems, we find obvious facts. Just think about what happened to other systems that under the market influence and got disfigured and corrupted by its post-modernism effect. The Siddhas teachings have been well guarded behind figurative cryptic language, as it can be understood only after oral initiation received from a genuine Master. We cannot sit in a boardroom and learn the dimensions of the Siddhas. Nor can we become Siddhas seated safely in a room reading their books. The life they show to each one of us should be encountered and lived. Siddhas never bother about what you know and how much you know. All they see is how you live your life and what is the message of your own life that you can share to others. According to Siddhas, the word Quest is an, 'existential crisis' (not an intellectual one) and Realisation means, 'living as Existence itself'.

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What is Siddha medicine?

The Healing Dimension revealed by the Siddhas is called as 'Siddha medicine'. It has an antiquity 10, 000 years old. In the Indian subcontinent, the systems of Ayurveda and Siddha represent the ancient traditional systems of medicine. Ayurveda is approximately 6000 and the Siddha nearly 10,000 years old, as recognized by the Indian government and other researchers of south Indian antiquity. The Siddha system is a pre-vedic cult prevalent in ancient India.

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How is Siddha medicine different from Ayurvedic medicine?

There are similarities in the concepts of both systems but they do have their vital differences also. Firstly, the Siddhas emphasize the approach of using a single medicine to cure different diseases by mixing it with numerous different mediums or carriers. Secondly, Ayurveda, in its early stages had the knowledge of only medicinal herbs as one can find no reference of metallic preparations in the works of Charak and Susruta. Subsequently, the medicinal knowledge of metals was undertaken in Ayurveda through Siddha Nagarjuna, the great alchemist of the Buddha system. And thridly, the Siddhas emphasize on the implementation of purification methods not only to metals and poisons (which is similar to Ayurveda) but also to each herb and every spice, which is not to be found in any other system.

The hallmark of the Siddha system is 'Muppu' - The Universal Medicine having three components and popularly known as the 'Philosopher Stone'. The Siddhas talk about Muppu and have classified its varieties and various applications in Healing, Alchemy, Occultism, Yoga and Tantra.

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What is Muppu?

Muppu is the unique discovery of the ancient Siddhas. Muppu is a universal solvent made by the combination of three salts, representative of the 3 elements viz., Water, Air and Fire. It is useful for purposes like rejuvenation, consolidation of mercury into a pill etc. The Siddhas have classified different types of Muppu preparations. This is to say that the constituents of the universal solvents differ depending on the application of Muppu in medicinal preparation, external alchemy and internal alchemy. Fullers earth, Ammonium chloride and salt Petre are considered to be the three constituents of Vaidya Muppu (medicinal Elixir) by some group of healers. Some others feel that the fullers earth itself contains three salts, one having the Shiva Veerya or male energy, Shakthi Veerya or female energy and Shivasakthi Veerya, the combined energy. Muppu, apart from reducing minerals into white or red calcined powders also promotes the potency of the drug multifold. Muppu can also be used alone as a rejuvenative medicine. It keeps one young, strong and free from disease.

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What is the difference between Siddha science and other natural sciences?

The Siddha system has its own science based on yogic experience. Whereas other natural sciences has been formulated based on external research. Ancient Siddhas talk of thousands of herbs and their healing dimensions. All in all, the Siddhas have spoken of approximately 4448 diseases afflicting human beings and the respective lines of treatment for each disease. Of course, it may not have had gadgetry science (modern science), but they have an indigenous rationality and perceptive insights that until now remain elusive to the modern gadgets and techno theories.

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Is the Siddha medicinal system more effective than modern day medicine?

The word 'effective' itself has turned fuzzy. How we define effective today is: fast not wholistic. We, as new age humans have acquired a strong conditioning and growing anxiety for getting fast and instant relief. We are not really bothered about lasting effects of healing or the growth of natural healer within each of us. But, the Siddha system is equal in both - fast and lasting relief.

There is popular saying in Tamil Nadu 'Virunthum Marunthum moonru naal', meaning 'The feast and medicine is only for three days'. It indicates that the ancient Tamil people found relief from disease in only three days. So, Siddha medicine can work fast and effectively in its Pharmaco-dynamic properties. Depending on the situation, on the disease and on the person's constitution, Siddha medicine is classified as 'emergency medicine' or 'course medicine'.

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Does Siddha medicines cure chronic ailments?

Ofcourse. It is the best medicine for chronic ailments. Already, Siddha medicines are famous in India for curing chronic and fatal diseases such as Cancer, H.I.V, Rheumatism, Infertility etc… The Tamil Nadu Government has opened up in each city a government clinic that offers free Siddha medicinal consultation and treatment for anybody suffering chronic diseases.

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Are there any scientific evidences about the success of Siddha medicine over allopathic?

Many of the Siddha medicines are currently under so-called scientific research. The Tamil Nadu government has a research centre based in Chennai that standardizes the quality of Siddha medicines. Many reports have already been submitted to the Indian Medicinal Council, speaking of the successful clinical TRIALS OF SIDDHA FORMULATION. In ancient times, science was concerned with basic human problems and its prevention, not with a material nature.

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Is there any science behind ancient healing practices?

Science might not be there, but rationality is surely present. Of greater significance is the fundamental approach of the healing principles of the Siddhas. This views the individual as a whole person and emphasizes on the interactive unity of mind and body. Neither mind nor body is ever treated alone under this system. Both are considered as aspects of the total human organism, Mind-Body. This holistic view is an essential aspect of Siddha holism, which allows the natural evolution of holistic healing practices using science, arts, philosophy, humour, as well as spirituality. It replaces stress with harmony, anger with peace, despair with hope, mental paralysis with possibility, and isolation with community. Lacking in technical knowledge of physical diagnosis and therapy, the ancient practitioners of Healing and Medicine were compelled to use their understanding of the human mind and spirit to heal the body. The individual's attitudes, beliefs, and behavior were inescapably central to the healing process.

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Is it possible to still prepare Siddha medicines today in the exact manner prescribed by the Siddhas?

It is possible under certain conditions: …when a healer is preparing medicine in a non- professional attitude. …when a Siddha healer is attending to very few patients because as a single person he can maintain only a very few patients qualitatively instead of more people in a quantitative manner. …when a Siddha healer follows all Tantric rules pertaining to the healing dimension of herbs, the medicinal preparations and its treatment …when the herbs are cultivated in an organic way. Or the herbs are collected from mountains and deep forests where not a touch of modernity prevails.

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What is the significance of Astrology in a person's life?

Humans have a strong connection with Nature and are also vulnerable to Her invisible forces. Ancient Sages formulated a system for finding this very cosmic distension based on the Planets, Stars and their movements in relation to human living. This is called as Astrology. The specialty of Indian astrology is that it gives much importance to the Moon sign in a native chart. Not only can Indian astrology foretell somebody's future but can also offer possible solutions to heal the malefic effects of planets and thus avoid some of the less desired results in one's life.

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What is Nadi astrology?

Nadi-astrology is Palm script astrology. Ancient Siddhas, sensing the future generations to come wrote in their manuscripts predictions for the happening in each person's life. It is known to have twelve sections called cantos. It has two dimensions: one permanently written in the palm script and one that receives the predictions at the time of consultation. Various Palm scripts are available in the names of the various Siddhas. Nadi astrology is available in the Siddha Palm script named as Agasthiyar Nadi Astrology; Brigu Nadi Astrology; Siva Vakkiyar Nadi astrology etc.

To find a genuine Nadi prediction is now rare as there are too many fakes in the market. Please verify the authenticity of the available Nadi-prediction before any consultation.

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What is Pancha Patchi Astrology?

Through centuries of careful observation and research, aided by highly developed psychic abilities, the Siddhas discovered a method of using Time to enhance human experience of life. Pancha patchi is this method of utilizing the measured changes in the flow of five Tattwas (natural principles), sometimes called as the five elements. It is referred to as pancha (five) patchi (birds) astrology by the Siddha Occult system. Much like the four pillar system of China, it is a system of energy astrology, being more concerned with changes in the flow of energy and the correspondent changes in time than with celestial events. Pancha patchi astrology is not a system predictive for personality divination like palmistry, nadi astrology or natal astrology is. It is a system of the electional and occult dimension, passed down from ancient times and codified into the twilight language by the Siddhas. The full texts or Sastras of Pancha Patchi revealed by Siddha Sage Kaga Busundar consists of 587 poems. But not all of these are relevant to the electional system. Only 525 of them are available today.

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What way does Siddha healing use astrology?

Siddha system of medicine can determine the basic physical constitution from the chart of the individual. It can establish the physical appearance of the individual, the predomination of elements in his nature and calculate his basic health, longevity and tendencies towards disease. Astrology can be used to see which of the planets have the power to cause disease; what kind of diseases are likely to occur and in which parts of the body are they likely to affected and when. As the health and longevity of an individual are primary, they are often the first aspects examined in the astrological chart. Diseases, like all disharmonies in life, are associated with negative planetary influences. There are several methods whereby planetary influences can be balanced and harmonized. The foremost one being gem therapy. Gems corresponding to the planets are used to redirect planetary influences towards a more positive way. Mantras (words of power), special tantric rituals and other yogic methods can be put to use for modifying planetary forces. These work more directly on the level of the mind. They are particularly effective for mental disorders and psychic disorders (on which most mental disorders are actually based).

They also can strengthen the aura and the autoimmune system of the individual along with clearing negative occult influences. This could include a variety of things ranging from our own bad karma of past lives to the negative thoughts of others, to subtle environmental pollutants, like low-level radiation etc. The right diet, the right herbs, the right location to live, the right livelihood, the right spiritual practices, so on, can all be used to balance planetary forces.

For example, Mars is a hot planet and if its influence is too strong it can cause heat disorders like fever, inflammations, infections, as well as traumas and injury. Its over bearing influence can be countered by consuming cooling foods, cooling herbs, a cool climate, cool colors, etc., as well as special gems and mantras.

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